Friday, May 12, 2006

What a Wonderful World

We've been experimenting with some new dogfood on the ride down, since the boy's usual brand is not available in Mexico. I know this hardly seems worth mentioning, but when you're crammed into a tightly-packed car for a 2,500-mile trip with a dog whose digestive system is suddenly exposed to a change of diet, well, that's relevant information. (And my apologies to the poor La Quinta chambermaid who had to clean up room 112 this morning.) Conceding defeat, we picked up a 40-pound bag of his usual stuff, which we're hoping will last us about 6 months. The only place we could make room for it is under the dog himself, so now he's sitting two feet above the seat on a massive bag of dogfood.

So today we're in New Orleans, which, frankly, looks like a hurricane hit it. Recently. I mean, really recently. We're right in downtown, between the French Quarter and the Superdome, but managed to drive around some of the more devastated neighborhoods first. All the "We Will Rebuild!" signs are still up, and still, from what we could see, written in the future tense. As we were driving through what remained of the Lower Ninth Ward, with not a single other living thing in sight, the radio started playing Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World." A true Stanley Kubrick moment.

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