Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dog Day Afternoon

Looks like we're the only ones in the family who didn't spend the day at either a funeral, a memorial service, or both. Instead, the perro devoted himself, as he does every day, to the hard work of chasing the sunbeam across the living room floor.

It's not exactly a high-speed chase.

Hope the rest of everyone's Fourth of July weekend is better.


Julie Perillo said...

We missed you at the Pleasant Cafe this evening. We got the back room (as usual) and toasted "First one of the day" to Gramps. Frankie was VERY impresed with the wood paneling and mounted fish -- he announced, "This is a really fancy restaurant" when he saw the decor!

Anonymous said...

You and Laura were missed but we did toast "first one today".
Gramps would have approved. It was a tough two days but better days are ahead.