Sunday, July 02, 2006

This Always Ends Badly

For the third time in six years, I'm going to bed on Election Night without knowing who won the presidency. Remember when people used to win these things in landslides? I'm not sure I understand why this is, but since they haven't been able to calculate a winner by 11PM, the announcement is automatically postponed until Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday.

It's not like I have a dog in this fight, of course (though, about a week ago, we got invited out to dinner with a bunch of Americans, and I had to sit through one guy's lengthy diatribe about what a menace to humanity populists like Obrador are. Turns out, this guy used to handle PR at the Nixon Library, where his responsibilities included the general rehabilitation of Tricky Dick's legacy in the years before his death, so, clearly, this guy has an unerring sense of what constitutes a menace to humanity. Viva Obrador!) No, what makes this annoying is that bars are closed all day on Election Day, even after the polls close, so that people won't, like, kill each other. That's prudent I suppose, but it seems to me that if you can prove that you're not voting, you should be able to buy a beer. At least a weak-ass beer, like Corona

It's not clear to me whether this no-alcohol thing extends all the way until Wednesday now. I would have thought it would be the first thing the tv news people addressed, but so far they're silent about it. (Or, to be more specific, I can usually pick the word "cerveza" out of all the jibberish, and I haven't heard it yet.) Me and the dog have a bit of tequila stashed away here at the house, though. We can hold out for however long it takes.

Update: Oh, this is encouraging: "Two bitter rivals declared themselves winners of Mexico's extraordinarily close presidential race, even though official results wouldn't be ready for days, sparking cries of fraud from supporters and fears of violence."

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Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Georgie Porgie isn't one of the choices. If he was, he would have been declared the winner, no matter what the vote was!
Don't let the dog hog all the tequila.