Friday, September 15, 2006

The Bombs Bursting In Air

It's 1:30 on Friday now, and the Otomis, having increased in numbers to several thousand, are still dancing, and I have no evidence that they stopped at any point during the night. Well, that's not entirely true; everyone stopped for the Quema de Castillo - known in English as "the rickety-ass tower of fireworks so cartoonishly unsafe that even thinking about building one will get you a $5,000 fine from OSHA."

The notion that fireworks are supposed to move vertically, as opposed to horizontally or even down is something most people take for granted. Not these guys. Several big bottle-rocket thingamajigs tore loose in the course of the display, ricocheting into the crowd though, apparently, not hurting anyone. Or maybe they did, but so many people were screaming from the hot embers that no one noticed.

Today, in addition to the drumming and the dancing (and by the way, I remember now where I've seen these outfits before: George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, anyone? "Weeeee want the funk/ Gotta have that funk, oh!") we have a parade of pilgrims coming to beseech favors from Santa Cruz. And when I say "beseech," I mean literally crawling for miles. I'm not a huge fan of organized religion, but it's hard not to root for someone like this to have her prayers answered:

Whatever it is she wants, it seems pretty damn important, and there are hundreds more coming up behind her. Meanwhile, a couple blocks in the other direction, Queretaro is gearing up for Independence Day, which is celebrated tonight but is officially tomorrow. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a poor man's Las "Fires" (I don't know the correct spelling)


Burro Hall said...

Well sure, but I'm a poor man now, so it's kinda perfect for me.