Thursday, September 07, 2006

Headless Bodies in Tapas Bar

This makes the whole dead-fishes-message thing look positively quaint.

Masked gunmen burst into a nightclub early Wednesday and flung five human heads onto the dance floor in what was easily one of the most shocking incidents of drug violence in Mexico this year.

The Light and Shadow club in the city of Uruapan in Michoacan state was packed when the men stormed in at 1:30 a.m. and ordered customers onto the floor. Then they pulled the bloody heads from plastic bags and tossed them out in front of the horrified crowd.

...The gruesome episode brought to at least 13 the number of people decapitated so far this year in Michoacan, a normally tranquil state that has been drawn into a horrific, increasingly violent turf war between rival cartels.

...Traffickers' increasingly gruesome methods include: blowing their victims up with grenades, cutting them to pieces or chopping off their heads....''Any sane person would be scared," said Marco Antonio Gonzalez, mayor of the cattle town of Tepalcatepec, where four severed heads were recently found hanging on a roadside cross.

Lest you think these guys are all Joe Pesci and no Marlon Brando, there's a nice Old School touch:

The assailants also left a message scrawled on cardboard:

"The family doesn't kill for money. It doesn't kill women and it doesn't kill the innocent. Only those who deserve it die. Let it be known: This is divine justice."

Bueno! Well, we've got some shopping to do. Transvestism isn't exactly popular here, but hopefully theres a Big 'n Tall Gals shop where we can pick up a nice ankle-length skirt.

Update: In case you're wondering exactly what five severed human heads on a dance floor looks like, click here. We assure you, though, you'll deeply, deeply regret it.


Anonymous said...

You're right. I deeply regretted it!


Burro Hall said...

You WERE warned...

Anonymous said...

Its only "ONE OF THE MOST shocking incidents of drug violence in Mexico this YEAR" !!!???

Good God Man! Get out while you can!!