Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Greetings from Burro Hall

We moved into the new house yesterday, lyrically named Casa de la Sirena - The Mermaid House - by its owner, after the large hand-painted tile mermaid on one wall of the courtyard. We've got most if it chipped off by now, to be replaced with the new Burro Hall logo: a donkey with enormous testicles wearing an Uncle Sam top hat. We just need to find some flashing red lights for the eyeballs.

The house is lovely, if a bit eccentric, and we're sure the next few days will be discovery-filled. For instance, we've discovered that bathrooms outnumber closets here 3-1, and that wireless internet is utterly ineffective when your walls are two feet thick.

But last night, we took out the garbage. Having lived in apartment buildings since we were 18, this was actually the very first time in my adult life that we've done that. See what we mean about discovery-filled?


Anonymous said...

I guess the trick to getting people to post comments on your blog is perro shots. I hope he'll be appearing in the House and Garden shots you'll be posting.

Anonymous said...

Why the "simple folk" do what they do (take out the garbage, e.g.):

"One of the reasons there has been so much negative press [about Wall Street bonuses, especially re Goldman Sachs] is that journalists are obsessed with their own poverty," said John Carney, editor of financial blog

"Three hundred days a year they are happier than investment bankers. But when bonus season rolls around the journalists realize there is a price to pay for their career decisions. The highest paid editor at The New York Times makes less than what the lowest paid analyst at Goldman Sachs makes."