Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For Want of a Grossly Irresponsible Governing Body

The World's Fattest Man record may be locked up more or less for the forseeable future (that Zone Diet doesn't really work, you know - you get down to 800 no problem, and then - boom! - you yo-yo back up to 1250 after about three weeks), but that hasn't stopped at least one Mexican from dreaming of Guinness-Book immortality:

"Manuel Quiroz can guzzle down dozens of Mexico's spiciest chilies, rub them on his skin and even squeeze their juice into his eyes without so much as blinking. The 54-year-old Mexico City taxi driver...wants to become the world champion chili eater. But first he needs to find an organization that can crown him with that title."
Can it be possible? Is there really no one out there dumb enough to crown this man World Chili-Juice-in-the-Eyes Champion? It's 'cuz he's Mexican, right?

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Anonymous said...

Ya think he demonstrates the juice-in-the-eye trick while driving weekend tourists around? Do you have a wallet-size, full-frontal headshot available?