Friday, February 23, 2007

I Got a Baloncesto Jones

Here's today's surprise: we've got a pro basketball team, the Queretaro Comets. Who knew? The website doesn't have a team photo, but there are five gringoes on the 12-man squad, and I hear a couple are six-footers - and one can actually touch rim. We honestly had no idea that there was a National Professional Basketball League here. It appears to be long on Generals and short on Globetrotters, but the season doesn't start until July, so we'll have to wait until then to have our prejudices shattered. And we've still got five months to learn the team song.

I'm not sure you can say basketball was invented here, but the early Mesoamericans had a throwing-a-ball-through-a-hoop game over 3500 years ago. The ball weighed as much as ten pounds, which cut down on one-handed dunking and other showboat moves, and the losing team was often ritually sacrificed by the winning team - by which we don't mean "traded," but rather, "had their hearts cut out on an alter." I'm sure ratings would go through the roof if the NBA were to adopt at least one of these things (hint: they probably wouldn't want to interfere with the dunking.)

There's also an American-style football team, the Queretaro Wildcats, but it's unclear to us whether this is a pro league or not. If it's semi-pro, I'm trying out.


Anonymous said...

Queretaro is actully one of the best Basketball teams in country, the stadium is located next to the river.

The American Football team is part of the national league, but that league is form by universities only.

And in that league the finals are almost always "Borregos vs Borregos" which is Tec de Monterrey Campus X vs Tec de Monterrey Campus Y

Anonymous said...

But does anyone actually know HOW pelota, or what you refer to chauanistically as basketball, was actually played? The stone yugos were really worn around the waist? How could anyone move with such a handicap? And could you touch the ball with your hand - my understanding is no- or kick it with your feet? Burro Hall needs to do further research to satisfy this reader.

Burro Hall said...

Burro Hall usually demands satisfaction from his readers, not the other way around. Anthropologists - you know, the gus who went to college to study this stuff - don't know how the game was played, but any game in which the players were rendered essentially immobile and forced to kick a ten-pound ball through a hoop with their bare feet is bound to be even lower-scoring and less-exciting than the sport you call "futbol."

What is known is that after the "Calcetines Negros" scandal of 1919 BC, the sport was never the same.