Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Keep a Clean Nose, Watch the Plainclothes

As if anyone needed another reason to avoid run-ins with the law here, along comes the Open Society Institute with a soon-to-be-released report pointing out that fully 40% of the prisoners in Mexican jails have never been sentenced.

The report reiterates...that living conditions were generally Hellish: a constant threat of violence and theft of one's few belongings, lack of food and provisions from authorities and dangerous levels of overcrowding.

...three out of four inmates said that clothing and blankets only came from visiting family. In addition, some 450 inmates told the CIDE researcher their family members had to pay a bribe to be allowed to give the inmate these provisions.

The OSI study added that the rates for suicide and murder in jails were nine and eight times higher than in the general populace.
I can see why bribing cops is considered money well spent.

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