Monday, March 12, 2007


This is a good sign:

Before Bush's Visit, Locusts Plaguing State of Yucatan

Clouds of locusts have hovered over this state since December, sometimes disappearing for days and then suddenly descending in such huge numbers that they blot out the sun. In less than two hours, they can devour 100 acres of corn. One recent day, the locusts – each about 2½ inches long – even drifted into the capital city of Merida, blackening light posts and crunching into the windshields of passing cars.

No one knows how many locusts are sweeping through Yucatan – millions, perhaps billions. When a massive black cloud crosses the horizon, their numbers seem biblical in proportion.

Roger González, who heads Yucatan's Ministry of Fisheries and Rural Development, calls this year's infestation “unprecedented.” ...Last week, federal officials pledged more than $1.3 million to combat the infestation in five states. But nothing officials can do will guarantee that locusts won't descend during Bush's three-day visit.

I think Chavez may to be on to something.

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Anonymous said...

God help Mexico! it's being besieged by deadly plagues. First Locusts and then George Bush! What unholy things have the Mexican people done to deserve this?