Thursday, March 01, 2007

Burro Hall of Fame

This is a very proud day here at Burro Hall, so forgive us a little bit of boasting, but...[pauses...bites lips..regains composure] we're now the very first site that comes up when you search Google for the term "Burro Hall." That's Number One out of something like 100 billion websites. Worldwide. And this isn't just our honor. It's yours as well. Give yourselves a pat on your collective back.

Now, you're probably wondering, y'know, what kind of sad, sad loser would actually search for the term "Burro Hall"? We're going to guess it has something to do with the recently-dethroned Wild Horse and Burro Hall of Fame. (To your left is Radar -- "Mr. 2006," if you will.) They're still the top hit when you search "Burro Hall of Fame," a search string they can expect to dominate for the forseeable future.

Unless we stop them.

Given the narrowness of the field, this post should start turning up in "burro hall of fame" searches fairly soon. With enough clicking, we can drive ourselves all the way to the top. Cowboy up!

Update: Fantastically, we're also the #6 hit when you search for "New England rabbit meat dealers." We have to admit, we have no idea how Google works.

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Anonymous said...

What? No brokeback burro hall of fame?