Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Buy This Book or the Puppy Gets Shivved

Our neighbor has been without a working phone for three days now, during which time the corrupt monopolist Carlos Slim has earned 54 million bucks for failing to restore his service. (Long saga short: the electric monopoly accidentally cut the phone wires while doing pointless busy-work on his street. They say they can't fix the phone monopoly's wires. The phone monopoly says cut wire isn't their fault. Is this a great country, or what?)

So, good neighbors that we are, we invite him over whenever he wants to use the phone or check his email, or catch up on his internet reading - including, of course, Burro Hall. Like everyone who reads this thing, he finds plenty to complain about but unlike the rest of you, whose email or comment-based criticisms are easily deleted, he does it while sitting in our living room. It's interactive media at it's worst, really.

Anyway, David feels this site would be much improved if it devoted more time to plugging his newly-published novel El Sudario which, though unavailable in Mexico, the US - or, for that matter, in English - can be ordered online here. No doubt you've already seen this, but the Salamanca Tribune gave it dos pulgadas arribas.

If enough of you buy the book, he promises to babysit the perrito whenever we need him to. Otherwise, we'll have to stick him in a Mexican kennel. You don't want this cute wittle puppydog to have to fend for himself in a Mexican kennel, do you?

Do you?


Anonymous said...

Ummmm. Can we think on that?


Anonymous said...

Dear sir:
As the co-author of "El Sudario" (a best-seller in Asturias, Spain, by the way) I must admit a greater understanding of the problems encountered by Angelina Jolie with the gutter press. Granted Burro Hall does not have the circulation, but the snarly, vituperative, nasty tone, I am sorry to say, is the same. Burro Hall might have pointed out, for example, that while the book exists only in Spanish, the cover - a big-breasted babe wrapped in a wet sheet- can, in fact, be enjoyed by anyone, whatever his linguistic deficiencies. As for exploiting a perfectly innocent dog, all I can say is it made me think of Michael Jackson, dangling his infant son over a hotel balcony. Standards, Burro Hall, standards! Let's aim a little higher, can we?

Signed, irate co-author.

Burro Hall said...

Dear Lenny,

Snarly? Vituperative? Nasty? Gutter press? That's a bit harsh for a website that's funneling paying customers to your publisher, isn't it? I'm sorry to have given away the twist - that the book is written entirely in Spanish - it's just that, well, I was just so darn surprised to discover this when my copy arrived, so it seemed worth highlighting. At Burro Hall, we aim to serve all our readers. We're all news, all the time. Tall tower, full power. The truth? You can't handle the truth!

Anonymous said...

Actually If you don't like Telmex in Queretaro you can hire the services of Axtel, Maxcom and At&t (if you prefer US monopolies)