Monday, March 12, 2007

The Cure for What Ails Ya

Poor little guy:

Deep into his second term, Mr. Bush faces an array of political and policy problems that seem to be growing by the day. His once-powerful standing with the public has been leached away by the war in Iraq. His party, dogged by corruption charges, has lost power on Capitol Hill, leaving him exposed to a Democratic opposition that is now armed with subpoena power and the energy that comes from a good shot at recapturing the White House in 2008. His domestic agenda is stalled, and his foreign policy is constrained.

Bin Laden taunts him from the mountains of Pakistan. Iran and North Korea openly mock him. His consiglieri's felonious consiglieri is angling for a pardon. His Iraqi cakewalk has become quagmire with no conceivable exit, and the only debate among historians is whether or not James Buchanan may have been worse at his job that he is. And if you believe the supermarket tabs, things aren't so hot in the Lincoln bedroom, either.

What does a guy do in this situation? Duh! You pack your bags and head to Mexico! We've felt like a million pesos ever since we did it, and we're sure George won't regret it for an instant. You can't beat the weather, and Latin Americans are some of the most easy-going, welcoming people on earth:

The Brazilians,



even the Uruguayans!

We're sure Mexico will treat him just as well. Bienvenidos, Señor Presidente!

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