Sunday, March 04, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

We don't expect a lot of sympathy from our northern friends when we complain that it was 88 degrees here yesterday, but when it's consistently over 80 degrees in February, it sort of makes you wonder what kind of summer we're in for. Well, the Queretaro State Secretary of Agriculture announced Friday that 2007 will probably be the hottest of the last 120 years, with temperatures reaching as high as 42 Celcius, which according to this handy metric converter is about...holy shit, that can't be right! 107 degrees Fahrenheit?

Just to review the cast of characters here, our household consists of an English woman with skin so fair and sensitive that she might as well be a vampire, a man who has been known to sweat through his jeans when the temperature reaches 75, and an obese, flat-nosed furball of a dog. This should be fun to watch.

Update: At almost the exact instant that we hit "publish," the temperature here began to plunge, and is now hovering in the high 30s. Such is the awesome power and influence of the #1 Burro Hall in the world. We reiterate our demand for a full and immediate withdrawal of US and British troops from Iraq.

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