Wednesday, March 07, 2007


In an impressive display of Mexican punctuality - two months late on the button! - the power commission came and installed our new meter, so Burro Hall is back on the grid and paying for power. That means there'll be a few changes around here - the hair dryer and microwave will now be turned off when not in use, and our 'climate wars' battle between the air conditioner and the electric heater has been declared a draw and suspended - but you shouldn't notice any change in service.

Speaking of power, I've been looking for a reason to link to this eleven-year-old Cigar Aficionado profile of my favorite news anchor I stumbed onto a while ago. (Question: Cigar Aficionado has been online for eleven years??) This may be one of the best Dan-isms of all time:

"I'm all news, all the time. Tall tower, full power, we break in when the news breaks out."
A bit too wordy for a tattoo, but definitely worth engraving on a belt buckle.

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