Thursday, March 29, 2007

For The Last Time: All Jihadis MUST Wash Their Hands Before Returning To Work

God, what a pussy.

Osama bin Laden died of typhoid earlier this month in Pakistan, according to a highly classified intelligence brief given to the King of Saudi Arabia and President Chirac this week, and leaked to the French newspaper L'Est Republicain.

The chief of the terror group was known to have been suffering from acute typhoid and seeking treatment in Pakistan in mid-August. This was picked up and tracked by Saudi intelligence services. The same sources, said by the French to be very reliable, believe he later died.


Anonymous said...

Hey, do you think the Saudi intelligence services were tracking you, too?
Too bad bin Laden didn't have the quality of care that you recieved!
The story must be true because we all know how smart the French are!!


Anonymous said...

Where do we send flowers? Better yet, can we have Rudi G planted at the gravesite? And did W and Dick send condolences? Can we have our democracy back now, please?