Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who Says You Can't Get Information Out of This White House?

From yesterday's off-camera press briefing:

MR. SNOW: His lunch menu included three panuchos. these are corn tortillas filled with refried beans -- actually, sort of layered, not "filled," your flat, round tortillas, not great, big tortillas -- with pork, turkey and roast chicken. Then there was a fresh grouper fillet, with white rice and a Mexican herb called epazote, I think, and refried beans. Also we had the little -- what do you call those, Dan? Was that tortillas we were wrapping them up in?

MR. FISK: Yes, white corn tortillas.

MR. SNOW: And papaya compote ice cream, served with a marquesita, that's a regional crepe, quite good; grated Dutch cheese. There were also served red and white wines; the President did not partake, but staff members who will go unmentioned did.

QUESTION: Any blueberries?

MR. SNOW: No blueberries. That's Uruguay.

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