Sunday, April 08, 2007

Burro Hall Recommends...

As this adorable little Easter parade raggamuffin reminds us, you can't crucify the Messiah without a decent ladder. As we have a bit of expertise in this area, we recommend the D30012-1, a 12-foot aluminum single with 1 5/8” corrugated “D” rungs, combination shoes (with spur points, of course), 3” heavy-duty I-beam rails and vinyl-coated blue loop end caps. It's rated up to 250 lbs, to accomodate even the huskiest armor-clad Centurion, and with a list price of just $136 (US), it's easy to see why this is the ladder of choice for all your crucifixion needs.

Order now - the Rapture's a-comin'!

Update: As this scene from Venezuela shows, you might also want to stock up on tube-and-clamp scaffolding. Luckily, we got you covered.

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