Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mexico City: It Ain't Kansas

No, wait. It's Kansas.

A leading anti-abortion group vowed Wednesday to block pregnant women from entering hospitals and clinics and to publicly identify abortion doctors if a measure legalizing the practice in the capital is signed into law.

...Jorge Serrano, leader of Pro Vida, or "Pro-Life," said his group is determined "to stop this crime from being performed."

Completely Unrelated Update:

OAXACA CITY - A 10-year- old girl who is seven months pregnant as the result of rape sought help in receiving medical care, health authorities in the southern state of Oaxaca said.

Seven months ago the girl was raped by Noé Velásquez, 65, the owner of the house her parents rented...

...the girl´s mother, Eugenia Santiago Ortiz, decided she should have the baby.

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