Sunday, April 22, 2007

NY Update

Well, we made it to the Manzana Grande! There was a Korean guy on our flight, which was pretty scary, but everyone sort of kept an eye on him and we landed without incident. Otherwise, everything was fine, even the bureaucratic hassle of "importing livestock" (i.e., bringing the perro with us). Depending on how the wind is blowing, we're able to steal wireless internet access from the neighbors, so we're slightly more connected to the world than we'd anticipated.

So we're alive and well and sleeping in our half-empty apartment in NY - the problem being that the new renters would like it to be entirely empty. Keep an eye on this space if your interested in some serious bargainson second-hand furniture and kitchen appliances.

We haven't been keeping detailed notes, but so far we've eaten French, Italian and Chinese food, plus bagels and pizza, and all for under $2,200 so far. We love this town!

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Anonymous said...

Could you bring back a corned beef on rye with mustard, two franks with kraut and mustard, two knishes, a cream soda and a Snapple (original flavor)? Gracias.