Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rise and Shine!

Have a super day!

The only thing on the schedule today is the 7PM "Traditional Burning of Judas," which we assumed would be in effigy, but given the number of people getting crucified around here on Friday, we're not so sure now. Since the Passion is taken so literally in Mexico, it feels overly pedantic pointing out that, at this point, Judas has been dead almost three days. (Though as you can see from the clip here, the biblical scholar Sir Andrew Webber has unearthed a previously unknown meeting between Jesus and Judas on the set of Soul Train, so maybe that's when they grab him and burn him; The evidence for Judas being the lone black guy in the Apostles is still somewhat thin.)

It's easy to laugh at other people's traditions, so we'll note that our inquiries about the arrival of the colorful-chocolate-egg-bearing, anthropomorphic bunny rabbit have been met with blank stares or open derision.

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