Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Silence of the Lambs

Since we read somewhere that the internets are all about accountability and self-correction, we have to say that we were wrong about Semana Santa. While even the lowliest saints get the full marching-bands-and-dynamite-before-sunrise treatment here, this week's theme seems to be "Shhhhhh! The baby Jesus is sleeping....." The Good Friday parade is even called the "Procession of Silence"! We were unaware that there was a Mexican word for "silence."

Furthermore, schools are closed this week - including the elementary school just across the street from us. I've slept later the past two mornings than I have in 15 years. Thank you, baby Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I guess that 3 years in parochial elementary school and 4 years in a Jesuit college didn't teach you that Holy Week has to do with the ADULT Jesus, not the baby Jesus! What a colossal waste of money!


Burro Hall said...

No shit - I think I recall telling you that at the time.