Saturday, April 07, 2007

So This Bear Gets On a Bus...

No joke. From the annals of public transportation in Mexico:

Escaped Kinkajou Hops Aboard Mexico City Bus, Attacks Passenger

The kinkajou, which is about the size of a small dog, boarded the bus Monday night after escaping from the San Juan de Aragon Zoo.

The animal sat next to the bus driver for almost an hour as he drove through the city but scratched and bit a 20-year-old female passenger when she tried to hold it, the Mexican news agency Notimex said.

There was some initial confusion about the animal's identity. While Red Cross spokesman Jair Martinez initially identified the creature as a monkey and some news media referred to it as a lemur, Aleli Mayorca of the city's main Chapultepec Zoo said it was a "martucha," or kinkajou, a nocturnal animal native to Central and South America. The kinkajou is related to, but different from, the raccoon.

Well, good for him. This is a kinkajou. Okay, we guess it could be confused with a monkey, or a lemur, or even a small, raccoon-like dog. But the one thing everyone on the bus was able to agree on it that it was perfectly alright for it to board the bus in the first place, sit there, undisturbed, for almost an hour, and, hey, as long as he's here, maybe a few random passengers should try to pick the foul beast up and hold it. It's really hard not to love these people. This is probably not how it would have gone down in New York.

"Hey, pal, I wouldn't care if you was a rare ursus arctos mexicanus, if you ain't got a MetroCard you ain't gettin' on this bus. Now screw."


Anonymous said...

He's cute! Maybe you can get one as a playmate for Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Given the length of its tongue, I think they'd have something in common.