Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wake Up, White People!

Awesome - the 2008 presidential field just got batshit-crazier:

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Criticizing other GOP candidates as weak in their efforts to stop illegal immigration, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo announced Monday he would seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Tancredo, a congressman who has gained prominence in recent years for his staunch stance against illegal immigration, said immigration would be the primary focus of his campaign.

He said he would not enter the race if he thought one of the leading candidates was sufficiently conservative on the issue..."You look and you see no one is going to make this the primary issue of their campaign."

Bueno! Villifying the Great Brown Hoard worked so well for you guys in 2006! Tancredo, whose district includes Columbine High School (which was famously shot up by bandolier-wearing Zapatistas shortly after Tancredo was elected), will help us understand how Mexicans are greatest threat to the American Way of Life since fluoridation. At least until his campaign implodes in mid-April.

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