Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Booty Fall

Lou Dobbs promised a report tonight on Rachel Smith, the Bill Buckner of beauty:

DOBBS: And Miss USA booed by the audience in Mexico after falling on -- falling during the Miss Universe pageant. We'll tell you why she was given such a harsh reception, at least in the minds of some. Stay with us.
We did. He didn't. The little brown ones committed too many outrages over the weekend for Uncle Lou to fit them all into a single program.

Associated Press came through with some context on Hecklegate.

The treatment of the Tennessee beauty queen was nothing personal. It had more to do with Mexico's sometimes tense relationship with its powerful northern neighbor.

U.S. athletes have sparked a similar response. In 2005, when the U.S. played Mexico during a World Cup soccer qualifier, the crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a smattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" during the game.

I'd never heard this before and, frankly, it struck me as so un-Mexican in its mean-spiritedness that I figured the reporter got it wrong. But it really happened (in 2004, though - and how the fuck did Lou Dobbs miss this?) If the U.S. fans has counter-chanted "NAFTA! NAFTA!" we could call it more or less even.

Many Mexicans also feel that the United States exerts its influence to tip the balance in its favor, whether in global politics or sports events.

On Tuesday, Mexican media lamented the fact that their contestant did not make it to the top five in the pageant while Smith did, despite falling down on the runway. Smith's fifth place finish only added to the theory that the United States always is favored.

The Mexican newspaper El Universal said Ojeda's fans were not as upset about her top-10 finish as they were that "the judges did not penalize that fact that Miss USA totally fell on her seat after she stepped on her dress."

You've got to go to Middle East in order to find a country as insecure as Mexico. But this is our favorite part - a reminder that even though it was held in Mexico, the Miss Universe pagent is sovereign American soil, like an embassy or something:

The newspaper said that when the show went to a commercial break, an NBC representative warned the audience of 9,000 to behave because "this gives the world a bad image of Mexico."

Look, amigos, if you're going to come into a Mexican staduim and make a big stink about America's lack of fairness, this is how it's done:

Any questions?

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