Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dog For Sale - Free, or Best Offer

We've had some workmen in this week, doing the things we're too incompetent to do - for instance, sanding and repainting the ceiling. We bought them a pizza for lunch yesterday because, well, because that's just the kind of people we are.

So we went out to dinner last night, not realizing that among the piles of debris on the floor here was a trashbag containing two slices of really delicious leftover pizza, a bunch of empty paint cans, wet paintbrushes and plaster dust. The dog, who could find a leftover pizza crust if you buried it at the bottom of the ocean, zeroed in on the bag within minutes. The rest of this story kind of writes itself, doesn't it?

He's tied up to the parking meter on the corner of Court and Livingston, if you want him.

Update: Well, the Animal Control nazis made us bring him back inside where, chastened, he behaved himself all day. That is, until we went out to dinner again, at which point he found the pound of baclava wrapped up at the bottom of Laura's suitcase. Add "sugar" to the list of things caked in his fur right now. Should be a funny scene at Mexican Customs this evening.


Anonymous said...

Don't touch a thing. Call MOMA and take advantage of this opportunity to become rich -- he gets to be famous.

Anonymous said...

He was just trying to teach you to not go out to dinner without him. Especially in a foreign country!