Friday, May 18, 2007

Falling Down on the Job

Being the official in charge of preventing kidnappings is what you'd call a full-time job in Mexico. Still, you'd think that one of your very top priorities would be not getting kidnapped yourself - if only because that's the kind of thing that looks really bad on your performance review.

MEXICO CITY, May 17 -- A leading anti-kidnapping official has been abducted in northern Mexico by men pretending to be federal agents. State officials said Enrique Ruiz Arevalo, the head of Coahuila state's anti-kidnapping and organized crime unit, was taken earlier this week,

As we were saying earlier, you gotta give the cartels major style points. The official in charge of anti-public-beheading efforts probably tendered his resignation immediately. (At which point the kidnapping czar would be named interim beheading czar, thus setting him up for another major embarassment.) On the other hand, we saw a really depressing statistic a few days ago: in 2005, the year's tally of narco-related killings reached 1,000 in the middle of September. Last year, it was early July. This year, it's mid-May. At that rate, this columnist suggested, Mexico should be up to 1,000 narco-killings a month by 2009. Them's Baghdad numbers.

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