Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fashion Victims

Did you know this Miss Universe thing is like a month-long festival? Maybe there's not a lot of news breaking down here, but it seems like every day the papers have three or four different MU-related articles. I was recently down in the south of the country, and there were about a dozen ladies in sashes visiting a local wildlife preserve. My hotel in Mexico City was full of hangers-on - not the actual contestants, but their various low-level attendants, most of them female, all of them appearing to spend more per year on lingerie than I spend on gas.

And now, tonight, the regional-dress competition - one of our favorite subjects here, and one we return to for no other reason than the fact that one of the papers ran a much better picture of Miss Mexico's controversial dress than we've been able to find anywhere else.

As you can see here in this unaltered close-up, those are Catholic priests hanging by the neck from a row of lamp posts, about a half-dozen of them, though there may be more behind the fold. There may have been a way to make this thing in even poorer taste, but I'll be damned if I can think of it. Perhaps Miss USA will be dressing in Klan robes in a Tribute to Reconstruction.

After all the hue and cry - none of it started by us, I'm sorry to say (and how did this escape the notice of the Catholic League, by the way?) - the dress has been repainted with, I kid you not, fruits and vegetables.

I notice from our site meter that, other than the 18 regular readers of this site, all of whom we know personally, most of our first-time visitors are people searching the internet for pictures of Miss Mexico. How disappointed do you imagine they are once they get here?

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