Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For the Record: Our No-Jews Policy Is Still in Effect

I mean who'd have thought Burro Hall would admit women before Augusta National? Since it's not readily apparent from the signature, here's how you can tell our posts apart: hers contain words like "whilst," while mine are littered with phrases like holy fucking shit! As in, I've been in New York for about two hours now; I've bought a small cup of coffee, a taxi in to town from the airport, a modest dinner for one and a beer; I have spent $138.50.

There'll be plenty to say over the next couple weeks about the Radisson Hotel on Lexington Ave - once I confirm my intitial hunch that it's controlled by the Albanian mafia - but they actually have a class of room here called "petite." When a hotel room is, in fact, petite, the hotel usually gives it a euphemism like "executive" - if they actually call it petite, you have to sleep in it standing up. I haven't seen the petite because I've been upgraded to "queen." But Her Majesty is rather, um, petite.

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