Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Mexican Independence Day!

Well, that what most people think Cinco de Mayo is, anyway. I prefer to think of it as my attorney's (40th) birthday, but anyone who wants to play the know-it-all asshole today is welcome to read up on the Battle of Puebla. It's very Mexican, insofar as they won the battle, lost the war, and then made the battle day a national fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo is also The Day I Moved Myself and Seven Other People Out of Our Hotel, after they made us sign a waiver promising that we wouldn't be inconvenienced by the Cinco de Mayo Party raging the atrium until 2:00AM. Weirdly - though not, perhaps, in Mexico - this appeared to be a standard form. I'm now on the 24th floor of the no-doubt earthquakeproof Sheraton.

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