Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hello, Giant Beer!

In Mexico, "entrepreneurship" is often a synonym for "copyright-infringement." This guy is no exception, but I like the cut of his jib.

GUADALAJARA - Cartoon character Homer Simpson slakes his seemingly insatiable thirst with Duff Beer, a fictional brew from the hit animated series The Simpsons. Guadalajara entrepreneur Rodrigo Contreras actually produces the beverage in real life, using the familiar one-syllable name, simple lettering on the cans and bottles - and a red, white and black color scheme.

Contreras, 28, scooped up the rights to the Duff name for Mexico and the rest of the world, spare the United States and Australia, where a brewery launched a beer under the Duff brand a decade ago, but ran into legal problems. His company, Duff Inc., currently sells the beer in Spain and plans on launching the lager in Mexico on July 16.

In other Simpson-related news, as part of a promotional push for the new season (Los Simpson is huge here) the Mexican guy who voices "Homero" will be signing autographs in Queretaro. I'm seriously considering scrapping this New York trip now.

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