Saturday, May 12, 2007

La Cosa Nuestra

Say what you will about the murderous drug cartels down here, they've got style:

A severed head accompanied by a note of defiance from organized crime gangs and two hand grenades was found outside a military barracks in Veracruz state on Saturday.

The head was found in a box outside the army base in Veracruz city, shortly after the government announced it was sending troops to respond to a shooting attack. The box also held a message saying gangs would continue operating despite the presence of troops.

That's the Gulf Cartel for ya: severed head, tersely worded note - Godfather I all the way. And not just in Veracruz.

Hit men from Mexico's Gulf Cartel drug gang handcuffed three men and shot them dead at a death cult altar near the northern city of Nuevo Laredo Friday, leaving lit candles, flowers and a taunting message for rivals in a worsening drug war.

“This is for everyone who messes with the Gulf Cartel. Welcome to Nuevo Laredo, bunch of assholes,” read the message, written on orange paper and taped to a wall near the altar, set up below a highway bridge.

Leave the gun, take the tortilla...

Update: And this just in from our Swampscott bureau chief, Frank Sr:
A Mexican doctor helped drug dealers avoid arrest by surgically replacing their fingerprints with skin from the bottom of their feet, a federal prosecutor said on Friday.

"The procedure involved essentially removing the skin from the fingerprints and replacing it with the skin from the bottom of your feet," [Asst. US atty William] Behe said. "I've seen the grisly looking pictures."

"Grisly-looking pictures." We'll being 'em to you as soon as we find 'em.

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