Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A little quiet, please.

Frank always complains about my failure to contribute to this blog. I think our relative posting frequencies are directly proportional to our need to vent our scorn and anger on the world.

But today I’m angry.

The Mexican tolerance for noise pollution has been well documented here. I heard a story recently from San Miguel about a gringa’s exasperation with her neighbour’s extremely loud refrigerator on the other side of her bedroom wall, whose chuggings and whirrings gave her many sleepless nights. When she eventually went next door to try and find a resolution, the neighbour listened very politely and then asked, “But Senora, why do you listen?”

We have an elementary school across the street and every afternoon a group of mothers gathers in the passageway beside the house. They sit in our window ledges chatting loudly whilst their younger offspring run up and down the alley screaming, bless ‘em. This usually coincides with my Spanish lesson and I’m having enough trouble with the language without this cacophony.

I've considered vigorously and inacurately watering the geraniums that ring our roof to to encourage them to move their daily fiesta elsewhere. Frank is against this tactic, on the grounds that, in Mexico, this may precipitate a blood feud. So, until today, blasting Wagner is as hostile as I’ve got.

(This tactic has to be tailored to the audience. We have friends here whose house adjoins an open-air theatre. Both having long careers in the theatre, they are the last people to object to its existence; it’s the appalling acting they can’t tolerate. Their noise barrage of choice for the Shakespeare crowd is Eminem.)

But anyway, today the gaggle of mothers turned up with folding chairs. Yes, chairs. Apparently my window ledges aren’t comfortable enough for them.

I’m off upstairs to water the geraniums…


Anonymous said...

Sra. Frank seems to share Sr. Frank's deliciously vituperative tone.

Burro Hall said...

Holy fucking shit.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, girl! A little water never hurt anyone!