Monday, May 21, 2007

The Most Disappointing Post Ever

We've been here more or less a year now, so the horrible tale of our attempts at renewing all our expiring documents, particularly our personal "retiree" visas and the vehicle importation certificate for our car - man, that thing would practically write itself. You got the endless lines, the uncooperative drones at Immigration, the need to purchase all the government forms someplace off site, and to pay all the fees at another location off site, the multiple trips to the office for the same thing, the inevitable problems stemming from our inability to understand the instructions, etc, etc, etc...

Eh. I guess after a year of this nonsense it doesn't really bother us much anymore (we had to fill out three forms to buy a coffee machine - what's a few more to get permission to stay another year?) Everything went like clockwork, assuming you still use a sundial. The car is legal once again, and so are we, until May 2008.

No big deal.


Anonymous said...

That's what I like to hear on my birtday, that the pug isn't in the company of illegal aliens driving a hot vehicle.

Burro Hall said...

Happy Birtday, whoever you are!