Monday, May 14, 2007

Mr. Bad Example-san

Via The Mex Files:

Hundreds of people of Japanese descent made a 110-meter-long sushi roll on Sunday in celebration of the 110th anniversary of Japanese people’s immigration to Mexico.

Representing friendship between the Japanese and Mexican people, attendees of the event held at the Japan-Mexico society here used rice, fish cake and a Mexican specialty, edible cactuses, to make the sushi roll. The sushi was called an “Azteca roll.”

“The rolled sushi, a mixture of Japanese and Mexican food, symbolizes the integration of both cultures,” a 64-year-old man of Japanese descent said.

And yet, after a century-plus of cultural integration, Mexico still knows fuck-all about making sushi. Mexicans already think cream cheese, smoked fish, peas and pineapples are valid sushi ingredients, and now they've seen "hundreds" of actual Japanese make sushi out of cactus! God only knows what the hell "fish cake" is.

Friends don't let friends eat cactus-fishcake maki, Japan.

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Anonymous said...

You mean that you haven't tried one that contains mayo?