Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pissed Christ

I was out enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood this morning when I passed one of the dozens of Christian bookstores/giftshops that litter this town, and I saw this fantastic piece of Christian iconography. I was never a very close reader of the Bible, so I missed the chapter where Jesus straps on a couple of bullet belts, grabs weapon that's half-gun, half-wooden-cross, and sets out to settle some scores. (Perhaps this is from the sequel: Bible II: Thine Ass Is Mine.)

So I was pretty psyched, since I like the idea of Angry God kicking some serious other-cheek in the name of Truth and Justice (this used to be called Liberation Theology). Then I realized he's probably just planning to smite his neighbors at the slutty underwear shop.

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Anonymous said...

What were you doing at a slutty underwear shop anyway?