Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shakey History

I spent the day writing a segment about the Spanish Conquest for this tv thingamajiggy I'm doing. It's a subject I know about as well as any American 12th grader (or Mexican three-year-old), but you know what they say about journalism: the great ones play through the stupid. In the end I might just run eight or nine minutes of "Cortez the Killer".

I can tell you from my own research that most historians dispute Young's assertion that Cortes "come dancin' across de water, mon," believing instead that he took a boat of some sort, and did not have a Jamaican accent.

One thing they all agree on though, is that it's not spelled with a "z".


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Another great version is Dave Matthews with Warren Haynes for the Central Park concert.


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Burro Hall said...

And the video's better, too. Okay, we'll run that one instead. But you're not getting a producer credit, so don't ask.