Thursday, May 10, 2007

Talk About Bumcakes, Mexico City's Got 'em!

We're back home now, trying to catch up on a bunch of things, and so we're weighing in about four days late on the Big Naked Zocalo Picture:

We're sure it says something about Mexico that this broke photographer Spencer Tunick's crowd-size record by about 150%, we're just not sure what it is. 18,000 naked Mexicans laying down in the middle of the city. The picture above isn't the official one, because that one wasn't allowed to show the cathedral, which you can see on the left. Apparently, God did such a lousy job with the human body that the Diocese of Mexico City didn't want any part of it.

So we've been working for the past week with a Famous American TV Correspondent on a story filmed in part in Mexico City. One of the ways we'd planned to use our time together was to shoot a series of on-location standups from our hotel overlooking the Zocalo. On Sunday morning, May 6. It wasn't until a couple days before that anyone told us about the Fiesta Desnudo.

As you can imagine, the idea of sticking to Plan A was quite tempting.

Actually, on the flight down from New York, our young, attractive female co-worker sat next to Tunick, who chatted to her most of the way and then offered her a particpant's pass in case her work schedule allowed for a couple hours of public nudity. (It didn't.) "Hey Baby, I wanna photograph you naked," is a pretty cheesy come-on...unless you happen to be arranging an enormous naked photo shoot the next day. Then it's ever-so-slightly less cheesy. Lucky for Tunick, the "no liquids on board" rule covers mace and pepper spray.

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