Tuesday, May 29, 2007

There She Is....

Miss USA Rachel Smith, an aspiring journalist, finished out of the money in the ambulatory gum-chewing portion of the Miss Universe competition last night, possibly fracturing her coccyx and bringing shame to brave men and women serving their country overseas.

NBC kept the strip-club soundtrack pumping thoughout the show, so I couldn't hear how an arena full of chilangos reacts to a gringa pratfall. But if the heckling during the interview portion is any indication, it was probably pretty savage. (Cultural fun fact: whistling is not a sign of approval in Mexico). Still a lot of hostility towards El Norte - and the fact that Smith took fifth place while Miss Mexico was cut from the top ten probably set back US-Mexican relations more than the current immigration bill debate.

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Anonymous said...

Is this one of the Jackson siblings or Michael?