Monday, May 28, 2007

Where Everybody Knows At Least Your First Name

I worked out of my remote office at the under-new-management Brooklyn Inn yesterday, and can report that rumors of its potential demise ("They're going to turn it into a BabyGap!") have been greatly exaggerated. The beer still contains beer (25 cents more of it, apparently), there are now little bowls of bar-snack-mix every few feet, and the 200-year old cash register has been replaced with one that actually works. I've got a receipt! (Note to HDNet accountants: As I said earlier, I was working on the script for a few minutes there.) A photo of dearly-departed regular John Kelly has been removed from over the pool table, but not at the request of management. Other than that...same as it ever was.

Years ago on The Simpsons, Moe was thinking of renovating the Tavern, TGI-Fridays's-style.

    Moe: People just don't want to spend time in a dank pit no more.
    Carl: You're not thinking of getting rid of the dank, are ya?
    Moe: I don't know Carl, maybe I am...
    Carl: Aw, but Moe - the dank! The dank!
The Binn has so far held on to the dank.

And here's a gratuitous plug for my friends and fellow Sunday-afternoon beer lovers Jim and Amy, the only Brooklyn Inn regulars who have actually read this site. (Please don't call Amy's designs "cute" unless you're ordering some, okay?)

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