Sunday, June 17, 2007

22 Nights

This has been Manhattan Headquarters for the last three weeks - the Radisson Hotel. I have no idea why hotel room prices fluctuate so wildly from night-to-night, but on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, this room - seen here more or less in its entirety...

...cost $705.50 a night. This makes it the most expensive hotel room I have ever stayed in, anywhere in the world. (Tonight it's just $252, but even that feels about $125 too high.) The staff here all seem to hail from some backwards part of the Balkans - I'm thinking Albania, maybe. During the busy hours the lobby is filled with heavyset, neckless guys in ill-fitting suits, whose sole job appears to be to intimidate the female staffers, who all have the dejected, fearful look of knowing they're one mistake away from being returned to sexual slavery. It's like a Ukranian casino without the glamour. On top of it all, the bar closes at 10:30, (which, to be fair, is actually pretty late for Midtown East.)

It's also the regular hotel for Thai Airways crews stopping over in New York. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about this place: it's full of Thai flight attendants on a nightly basis, and I still can't get out of here fast enough.


Anonymous said...

You can tell if it's Albanian owned or operated by the number of Liberator Bush paintings on the walls, I believe.

Burro Hall said...

These guys look like they did pretty well under Enver Hoxha.