Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Bad Lieutenants

Probably in any other country this would be counterintuitive, but in Mexico, any serious public safety plan generally starts with getting rid of the cops:

Mexico purged 284 commanders from the top ranks of its federal police forces on Monday as part of the government’s effort to contain corruption and halt an underworld war between drug traffickers.

Since taking office 7 months ago, the president has been pretty aggressive about this stuff. How's it working out for him?

his efforts have so far unleashed the worst wave of drug-related violence this country has ever seen. Just this year more than 1,050 civilians, along with 178 police officers and 19 soldiers, have been killed in gangland shootouts and executions. Traffickers often employ corrupt officers as gunmen...

Thirteen of the people killed in this struggle were decapitated to terrorize rival gangs, and 53 had warning messages stuck to their bodies, sometimes with ice picks.

Tourists are always told not to order ice with their drinks. I'm guessing this is why.

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