Sunday, June 10, 2007

Eets No Fun!

We've avoided any comment on the immigration bill here, largely because we haven't read it, but also because the spectacle of non-Native-American white people prattling on about foreign invaders is just to depressing to engage. ("If I come from Mexico, I can jump the fence and get all those American benefits," William Murphy, a descendant of immigrants, told the Times today. "It’s outrageous when you can buy your citizenship for $5,000!" Murphy apparently earned his citizenship the hard way, by plopping out, naked and screaming, in an Evansville, Wisconsin, maternity ward.)

Anyway, whatever form the final bill takes, it should definitely not include amnesty for the band of foreigners known as Genesis. Excellent reviews for the new boxed set notwithstanding, this bit of minstrelsy should preclude their induction into polite society, never mind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

Their North American tour doesn't seem to take them through Mexico at all. Shocking...

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