Saturday, June 23, 2007

Money Talks

I didn't think there could be a journalism "controversy" any sillier than last week's fake "Dan Rather is a sexist" scandal, but this MSNBC "investigation" has proved me wrong. Looking into the political contributions of "journalists," they find that 143 members of the Fourth Estate have put their money where their biases are and, wouldn't you know it, 125 of them - 88 percent - gave to Democrats or liberal causes. Your liberal media laid bare.

This is just stupid. First of all, I put "journalists" in quotes because MSNBC seems to consider anyone working in the news business to be a journalist - copy editors, graphic designers, news librarians, gardening editors, movie critics, the "ethics" columnist at the NYT - and with a net that wide, they still only find 143 people out of an estimated 100,000 working journalists. So 99.85% don't give any money? And what does that even prove? Personally, I'm slightly to the left of Che Guevara, and have never contributed to a political campaign. Which means...what?

Worse, missing from the list of "journalists" are the people who actually own or run the companies themselves - Moonves, Murdoch, Disney, GE - the people, in other words, who make all the important decisions. Of the five FOX employees on the list, four gave to Democrats. This explains the obvious lefty slant of FOX News. Of the four film critics on the list, two are Republicans. Hollywood values, indeed.

MSNBC didn't do the math, but if you add it all up, the D's gave an average of $1,715 apiece, while the R's each ponied up over $7,080. If the fact that 88% of 0.15% of journalists are liberal confirms one prejudice, the fact that Republican journos are four times richer than their Democratic colleagues ought to confirm another.

I'm about to make a $5 donation to the Negra Modelo Brewing company.


Anonymous said...

Does the "MS" in MSNBC stand for "misguided" or "misinformation?" I've forgotten.

Burro Hall said...

Another mystery - the M stands, of course, for "Microsoft," which is one word. I have no idea what the S stands for.

Anonymous said...

Hey, contributions aside, it's nice to see you still haven't lost your great math abilities!


Anonymous said...

How about "S" as in sucks (even though I use them).