Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spleen of Tarts

People deliberately unclear on the concept.[pdf]

June 13, 2007 (McLean, VA) – American Women in Radio and Television expresses its deep disappointment in former "CBS Evening News" anchor Dan Rather's remarks that CBS is "dumbing it down and tarting it up," referring to the current "CBS Evening News with Katie Couric."

Stated AWRT President Maria E. Brennan, "...While Mr. Rather may wish to backtrack on the sexist nature of his remarks, I can only note that never have I heard the word 'tart' in reference to the male gender.

Really? What about "dumb"? Has "dumb" ever come up?

Oh, and...

Couric is a lifetime member of AWRT and has been awarded multiple AWRT Gracie Awards in recognition of her significant contributions to electronic media.

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