Thursday, July 26, 2007

Convert Yer Paper to Adobe PageSuite 4.0 for Ya, Guv'ner?

As much as I love my wife's utterly charming hometown, I believe its primary hi-tech industries are candle-making and chimney-sweeping (this year's Steam Rally is Sept. 8-9, by the way, so book your camper van soon.) So how is it that the Ely Standard (current banner headline: "Man Makes Citizens’ Arrest on Car Thieves") has the best website of any newspaper I know of?

Go, click on "your e-edition," and - Bob's yer uncle - there's the entire print edition, all 56 pages including ads and classifieds, easily navigable, zoomable and savable. Seriously, why can't every online newspaper do this? There are a lot of us out here who still prefer the dead-tree version of the paper, and they're all but impossible to find online.

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