Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Statues of Querétaro: Fanfare for the Common Man

Querétaro has roughly as many statues as it does people (though, personality-wise, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference.) We'll be periodically highlighting some of these, as part of our mandate to bring queretano culture to the unwashed masses who read this site. We kick off the series with this...monument, we're guessing?...on the corner of Av. Constituyentes and C. de las Artes:

And that's pretty much all we can tell you. What we have here is a slightly larger than life-size rendering of a mustachioed guy in bib overalls clutching to his chest a cylindrical object resembling a paint can, who in his right hand holds a cigar-shaped object that in no way resembles a paintbrush. Behind him apears to be a Neo-classical version of Stonehenge. He gazes out towards the horizon - which, in this particular case, is a strip mall on the opposite side of a six-lane highway. There is no plaque, no engraving, no date, no sculptor's name, nothing. The lady waiting for the bus nearby didn't know who it was. For now, we're calling it the Tomb of the Unknown Nobody, but feel free to invent your own story.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the first Mexican to make it across the boarder since the wall went up and he's going to paint it with his cigar?


Burro Hall said...

Excellent theory! Save some of those painkillers for me, okay? I'll be home for Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...