Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gaseous Emissions

They're saying it should take another two days to get the gas working normally, though we've got intermittent service now (the stove works, the hot water heater doesn't) More distressingly, when you walk down the street there's a pretty powerful smell of gas, which makes us think a lot of the neighbors left their gas turned on even after the pilot lights went out. Something tells me that once full service is restored, we'll know it.

Conspiracy theorizing has already started, of course. No way could a dipshit little guerrilla band do so much damage, the reasoning goes, so it must be the government/Pemex/Uncle Sam, etc.

Here are some college kids who should get an A for the year. Back in February they decided to check the security at the Pemex plant in Salamanca by marching in and wandering about undisturbed, carrying backpacks that could easily have been filled with explosives. It was on the front page of El Universal a few weeks later. Nothing was done. Salamanca was one of the pipelines blown up last week.

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Jorge Arturo said...

There was a leak of gas in the downtown, it was a dangerous thing, the police asked people to leave their homes around the 16 de septiembre street, juarez and corregidora, the other streets where safe.