Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Having a Great Time, Wish You Were Here

Okay, so perhaps we were a little quick to assume that the tensions here had moved past the tear-gas phase.

Mexican police fired tear gas Monday to prevent hundreds of leftist protesters from reaching the venue of an international folk festival in Oaxaca, in the worst outbreak of violence in the troubled city since November.

Protesters hurled rocks and burned vehicles as they sought to march to a stadium where the renowned Guelaguetza festival is scheduled to start July 23. Police responded with tear gas and rocks.

The police responded by throwing rocks?

Anyway, we managed to be completely oblivious to the whole thing since we decided against going to see the "alternative" Guelaguetza, because even a traditional native-costumes and folk-dance festival holds less appeal for us than sitting in the square drinking coffee and reading a book. In fact, while sitting in the square drinking coffee and reading a book, we had just been commenting on how normal and relaxed everything was, given all the problems over the past year, when all of a sudden somebody, somewhere in the square, thought somehow something bad was about to happen and in the space of about ten seconds - seriously, ten seconds - the whole square emptied out in a well-rehearsed stampede. Whoosh! Nothing left but a handful of tourists drinking coffee and wondering, what the fuck. The waiter just shrugged. Clearly this was related somehow to the riot going on a mile away, but damned if I could tell you exactly how.

Things are never quite how the seem on the surface here.

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Anonymous said...

Might it have had to do with what the coffee made you do and that something bad had already happened? I seem to remember you causing some stampedes in the past Senor Frank. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.