Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'd Like to Buy a Vowel

There are four of them! [ding! ding! ding! ding!]
Is there an X?
Indeed there is! [ding!]
I'd like to solve the puzzle, it "Oaxaca"?

Yes it is! And that's where me and my favorite pair of 20-year-olds will be heading later this morning, staying until Wednesday night. You may recall how a few weeks go we linked to a survey showing that Queretaro was the third-best city in all of Mexico and how, two days later, we took off for Mexcio City, which ranked dead last in just about every quality-of-life category. Guess which city came in second-to-last? Hint: there are four vowels. And an X.

Of course, that ranking has mostly to do with a year-long teacher's strike which, while it hasn't exactly ended, at least seems to have moved past the tear-gas phase. (Yes, I said teacher's strike. They roll a little more hardcore down here.) The other contributing factor, I'm sure, is that the regional delicacy is grasshoppers covered in chili paste. I think as long as we remember to order things sin chapulines, we should be okay.

The hotel looks not uncomfortable though, eh? We're not sure what the email situation is. We'll have the Brooklyn cell phone with us if you need us. Hasta Thursday...


Anonymous said...

I've been there. Its an old monastery, as I recall. You should fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Salazar reported this and we hope you'll be setting the record straight if need be. PS: Should you phone home so your mom doesn't worry? Just a thought (from a mom).

JULY 17/ONCE AGAIN...PROBLEMS IN OAXACA. Clashes between the APPO (Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca and the police. This incident occurred as the APPO was attempting to occupy the Cerro del Fortín Auditorium in order to initiate their version of the “Guelaguetza”. There are 16 wounded, including five police.

Burro Hall said...

Don't worry, we're fine. That there are people being hospitalized because of one group's attempt to supplant a traditional folk-dance festival with an alternative folk-dance festival is just joyfully absurd, no? It's like "West Side Story," or that faux-badass dance-off in Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video. I just may have to go down there and kick everyone's asses just to prove a point.